"Transparency, Efficiency, Ethics"

The Compagnie Immobilière du Léman is pleased to welcome you on the CIL Finance website. CIL Finance is our new department for consulting and real estate financing solutions that completes the existing services provided by the agency. We offer our services related to real estate financing to private clients and real estate professionals:

The Compagnie Immobilière du Léman is a brokerage and real estate company situated in Geneva area and around the Léman Lake region. Within the framework of its brokerage function, CI-Léman is specialized in sale or acquisition of property for individuals.

Solutions for private clients

  • Consulting in real estate financing
  • Creation of an appropriated and tailor-made financing solution according to your wishes
  • Searching for the best financing offer and mortgage rate
  • Professional and complete preparation of your financing file

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Solutions for real estate professionals

  • Financing studies
  • Feasibility studies, analysis and creation of sales documentation
  • Search for financing solutions and global support with our financial partners
  • Consulting, studies and overall tracking of your promotions

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With 10 years of experience in banking as a Relationship Manager and Mortgage Financing Expert for private clients in a major institution in Geneva, Michael joined CIL in January 2017 as Head of financing department.

This former high-level athlete gives huge importance to partnership, team spirit and efficiency. Michael also focuses on ethics and transparency, which are major elements in developing a relationship.

His key words are rigor, efficiency, flexibility and empathy.


« Thanks to Michael Richoz, we succeeded to get the mortgage that we wanted. We have seen that dealing with banks is not a small matter and we are grateful to Michael for having done it for us. He spared no effort in a very short time. His high availability and responsiveness have also been a plus in this adventure. »

C.H. Freelance dietitian, April 2017

« We were oriented to you for our real estate project and we were very pleasantly advised for our financing.

However, our profile is not among the best and simplest, but you have tried to find solutions.

You involved as a professional. Your efficiency, your skills, your availability and your listening, have given us confidence in our dream of becoming an owner and we thank you a thousand times! »

F.R, Human Resources, April 2017

« Michael has an exceptional listening and tracking, which inspires confidence and admiration. He is motivated by the success of others, a quality that defines him as nobody. I have no hesitation in recommending Michael. »

J.C., Lawyer & CEO, April 2017

« I have worked with Mr Richoz on a project of acquisition of a real estate property for personal use. I can honestly say that contribution of Mr Richoz to the success  of this project was utmost valuable. His ability to analyze my personal financial situation quickly and effectively resulted in the precise, right to the point, and very personally tailored solution for the financing of the mentioned real estate property acquisition. I highly appreciate his great expertise in the field of real estate financing, his openness and honesty in dealing with me during our work on this project, and his great effort in going the extra mile to find a good solution that fits the client perfectly. I am highly satisfied with the Mr Richoz’s services and would recommend him to others with the great pleasure. »

R.N. Bank employee, May 2017

« After our decision regarding to our future house suggested by CI-Leman, real estate and brokerage agency in Geneva, we particularly appreciated the welcome, the professionalism and the precious financing advices.

We met with Mr. Richoz, who analyzed our file and proposed various solutions available to us.

The service quality, the ability to listen and the follow-up of our file were decisive items for our project.

If you’d ever be advised on a future acquisition, you can count on the seriousness and experience of Mr. Richoz.

A house that we highly recommend. »

C.F. Bank employee, May 2017

« M. Richoz a su nous guider à travers toutes les différentes étapes pour accéder à notre projet immobilier avec professionnalisme et tact. Tant au niveau financier et administratif qu’au niveau émotionnel. Nous ne manquerons pas de le recommander à nos proches qui désirent se lancer dans un tel projet. »


M.R., Officer of the State of Geneva, September 2017


« Michael was my financial advisor during my purchase of a new build house in Tannay. He was extremely diligent, always following up, pro-active, and was an essential part of the process to get the deal done in a very tight timescale. He suggested solutions, resolved issues, and generally was a top professional during the whole process. He was also an absolute pleasure to work with which always helps, a very likeable person. As a foreigner buying a property in Switzerland, with limited knowledge of the process, Michael guided me the whole way from start to finish and it would not have been possible without him. I recommend him unreservedly. »


E.B., Oil trader, November 2017

« Quand on est propriétaire de son logement et qu’on souhaite construire, il est difficile de trouver un repreneur tout en prenant en considération les délais de la construction et de la livraison du nouveau bien. En plus de cela, il faut pouvoir trouver le financement adéquat du nouveau bien en prenant en considération les charges du bien actuel. Avec l’aide de M. RICHOZ, cette étape a pu être franchie avec une grande efficacité et nous l’en remercions. »


M.P., Fonctionnaire de police, janvier 2018

« I have recently worked with Michael on a real-estate financing project. He has been highly recommended to me by a number of friends and colleagues working in highly respected financial institutions in Geneva.

My experience working with Michael has been terrific: He is an extremely capable financial advisor – with excellent listening and inter-personal skills. He is bright and quick: He mastered our financial data and concern quickly, proposed a very sound advice, and followed up our file with diligence, creativity and resourcefulness. In a matter of less than 10 days, he advised me types of documentation to submit, effectively presented my file to the financial institution in a very convincing manner, and quickly obtained the financing agreement on our behalf. On the human side, Michael is a courteous, personable and very pleasant person to work with. For example, I felt extremely comfortable asking him – without any hesitation – a number of both “small” and “big” questions during the entire process.

The fact that Michael is fully bilingual (French and English) could be a great advantage for members of international community in Geneva in seeking advice and support in real-estate financing.

I have a very favourable view of Michael and look forward to working with him again in our future financing projects.

I strongly recommend him. »


QB, Senior Legal Advisor, February 2018

« Service professionnel, attitude proactive, sympathique, confiance, efficacité, que du positif! »


E.W., Conseiller en assurances, mars 2018

« Je profite de ce mail pour vous remercier grandement de votre rapidité et de votre disponibilité dans ces démarches qui vont fort vite. Vos explications sont très claires et nous ont aidés à prendre une décision réfléchie et concrète, sans craindre autre chose que de passer à l’acte. »

S. M., Assistante sociale, mai 2018

« Tout s’est passé de façon efficace et simple. Super service. »

S.N., Professeur, Juin 2018